SafeSet Locomotive Parking Brakes
Graham-White proudly introduces the 393 Series and 419 Series SafeSet Locomotive Parking Brakes. SafeSet is an automated electric motor driven system that also incorporates the standard manual interface found on mechanical hand brakes. The primary operator interface is a control panel incorporating two push buttons: SET & RELEASE. In the event electrical power is unavailable, the operator simply uses the manual interface.

The 393 Series incorporates the standard levers found on the 800LG/RG mechanical hand brakes. In the manual mode of operation, SafeSetâ„¢ only requires 60% or less operator-input force than existing mechanical lever style hand brakes.

The design of the 419 Series of SafeSet Wheel Style Locomotive Parking Brakes builds on the successful foundation of the 393 Series Lever Style. The 419 Series is offered for those customers requiring a wheel vs. a lever for the backup interface.

The 419 Series is available in two basic configurations. Model 419-301-1 is designed to replace an 850 mechancical hand brake. Model 419-301-2 is designed to replace a 210 mechanical handbrake.

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