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June 2011
AAR Grants Conditional Approval to Graham-White’s Gen III ASCTD

(Salem, VA, USA, June 2011)— “When a rail car is released into service after the air brakes are tested following the latest procedures, you want it to be good to go! However, if a rail car is inadvertently released, when all tests indicated no problems, it can be costly to all. Plus, the service interruption can be a huge detriment to the railroad and its customers alike.

This is a matter of record,” says Stewart Bruce, vice president of sales & marketing at Graham-White. “We developed our ASCTD to provide the industry with a reliable tool to accurately test and collect rail car data in a timely manner. It is branded as ‘Graham-White’s CADDIETM’ which stands for ‘Computer Aided Digital Diagnostics, Inspection and Evaluation’. As we say in our marketing slogan: ‘You’ll never get a bad read from our CADDIE’. With the ability to produce up to 200 units now, we are poised to supply the industry with the best car testing technology available anywhere.” The AAR granted its approval in March 2011 and was impressed with all aspects of the device, especially the manual control option, S-4027 test accuracy and speed of testing, according to product manager Mike Grissom.

To answer requests by the AAR to develop a “foolproof” digital monitoring car test device, the Graham-White engineering team wisely went to work and updated its portable, track-side and “smart” ASCTD. According to Cole Semones, manager of engineering, “Like our previous models, the Gen III CADDIE device has a user friendly interface displayed on a color touch screen. While we run our tests from ‘end-of-car’, the user can also reduce test time by several minutes with our device by charging the car's reservoirs through an optional adapter plate, if the car is so equipped. Attachment to the adapter plate is through a 1/4" line, so no elephant trunk is needed!”

Cole Semones adds, “Our CADDIE’s test procedures follow the sequence of the S-4027 and the current paragraph number is always displayed so users can follow along easily. Each step MUST be completed properly to continue. If there is a problem, it can be addressed immediately and the test will resume automatically after the repair has been verified.” Mike Grissom reiterates, “There is no need to re-enter information if there is a faulty valve, just follow our prompts to rectify and the test continues.” Cole Semones continues, “To add even more value, simple test logs can be downloaded to a thumb drive for further review. As an added feature, all of the required hoses are mounted on a single test cart and kept organized on hose reels. The cart also comes with an optional booster pump that’s employed if shop air cannot be maintained at 90 psi. Our updated ASCTD meets all of the requirements of the newest version of S-4027, the standard that governs all automatic testers.”

Graham-White Manufacturing Company supplies an assortment of new and remanufactured severe-duty pneumatic/electro-pneumatic valves and accessories to heavy rail, rail transit, military, truck & bus, and industrial clients worldwide. Graham-White is ISO 9001:2000 and AAR M-1003 compliant. The E-BELL, CADDIE, SafeSet, and SludgeBraker brands are all registered trademarks of Graham-White Manufacturing Corporation.

Stewart Bruce, vice-president sales and marketing: +1(540).387.5620, x236
Mike Grissom, Product Manager: +1(540).387.5600 x349
Cole Semones, Manager of Engineering: +1(540).387.5620, x275

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