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July 2011
Graham-White’s Digital Gauge Technology: “Light Years Ahead of Analog...”

(Salem, VA, USA, July 2011)— Graham-White sets a new standard for the industry again with an updated version of their pressure and AFM gauges. “Our new digital gauges’ response to changes in pressure and air flow is immediate and is not affected by extraneous factors. Therefore, no more tapping of the AFM gauge is necessary to get the needle to read accurately. We now have the digital solution to problems inherent within any analog gauge technology,” says Hunter Babcock, chief electronic engineer at the company.

Hunter Babcock continues, “The 737 Series 4 1/2" Digital Duplex Air Gauges and 747 Series Air Flow Method (AFM) Indicators mount directly to our existing gauge bases; making retrofit of our analog gauges a snap. It is simply a matter of attaching two wires to the locomotive’s supply voltage and you are off and running. We have even included an extension cable and a selection of crimp lugs so the electrician installing the gauge does not have to search for the proper cable and connectors to complete the installation.”

“Because of the inherent stability associated with electronic pressure sensing circuitry, the FRA allows calibration intervals for digital pressure gauges to be increased from the old 92-day standard to a 365-day schedule. We expect the same interval increase for our AFM Indicator after field trials are completed,” says Hunter Babcock. “This extended interval is huge because it provides the customer with additional cost savings and accurate information that is extremely reliable… no more guessing!” Manager of technical services, David Pettengill reiterates, “The digital pressure gauge is much easier to calibrate than the analog. You no longer have to remove and reset the pointers. Calibration is completed with a simple adjustment of the offset and scale factor potentiometers that are easily reached from the front.” Hunter Babcock continues, “Our gauges ARE extremely accurate and by eliminating moving parts that are prone to wear we have essentially increased the life expectancy of the gauge by a significant order of magnitude.”

Other features include digital LED readouts that are easily viewed from all angles. Plus, the auto-dimming feature, with a built-in light pipe, monitors ambient conditions and provides real time control of LED brightness for optimal viewing anytime day or night. “It really is light years ahead of the old standard,” says David Pettengill.

Stewart Bruce, vice president of sales and marketing states, “At locations in Salem, VA, Shreveport, LA, Carson City, NV and now Roanoke, VA, Graham-Whites’ 350 full-time associates provide the highest level of quality in design, manufacturing, remanufacturing and customer service to clients around the globe. Graham-White’s commitment to total customer satisfaction is evidenced by ISO 9001:2000 compliance and our ability to meet the requirement of the American Association of Railways’ M-1003 on all or our products and services.”

Graham-White Manufacturing Company supplies an assortment of new and remanufactured severe-duty pneumatic/electro-pneumatic valves and accessories to heavy rail, rail transit, military, truck & bus, and industrial clients worldwide. Graham-White is ISO 9001:2000 and AAR M-1003 compliant. The E-BELL, CADDIE, SafeSet, and SludgeBraker brands are all registered trademarks of Graham-White Manufacturing Corporation.

Stewart Bruce, VP Sales and Marketing
+1.540.387.5620 x236

David Pettengill, Manager of Technical Services
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